soFLY – Swagger

I love music like anything. Most of the time i spend either listening to music i have or search the new one. My endeavor to find the music and try and understand it ended up with me listening to wide range of musical styles. From Indian Classical music to rap to house to trance to dubstep to rock to metal to pop to jazz. I am pretty sure that there are very less type of songs i have missed to listen to. That’s why i am kinda proud of my music collection. 🙂 I have whole Linkin Park and Green Day collection. I also have whole Deadmau5 collection! 😀
Anyways, now a days i am into Les Twins too much. Most of the times i am watching them dance but when i saw a particular video i liked the song (Most of the times i collect my music like this). So i searched about it and found that this song was made by a 19 year old guy who is Belgian. He uses name soFLY and the song was Swagger. That song is so freaking awesome, i fell in love with it immediately. I know the genre of this song is Hip Hop and most of the times i prefer Trance but this was something different. This song is like the underdog and most ignored in Hip Hop world wide scene and when it’ll come into picture it is going to change the way people look at Hip Hop. This guy is really something special. His other songs are amazing too. My favorites are Straight Things and Girls Gone Wild. This guy is insane. His every beat is so sick. This guy has a better future for sure in music. From his music one can easily tell that this guy is experimenting with many thing and there is simply no pattern or genre which can really define his music style. Best example is Swagger, my most favorite out of his other songs.

This song Swagger starts with Indian Rhythm. The ‘Swara’ on which whole Indian Classical Singing is based, can be heard from the start. The beats are clearly similar to Indian folk style. The song takes awesome and sick turn when it starts sounding like Deadmau5′ Not Exactly, Clockwork and FML combined. soFLY is experimenting and at the same time messing with listeners heads, in a good way. Then there comes the best part of the song. After 2.00 minutes, the songs turns again to Indian Classical Violin. This is where this song makes listeners rip their clothes off and dance like crazy. The song goes to a level where it is hard for any other songs produced now a days out there to reach. Here onward the whole song takes you to an unforgettable ride. I can’t actually tell which Indian Classical Violin Raga is played in this part but whatever it is, it is awesome. It sounds like Hip Hop remix of the some Indian Classical Violin Raga. Even the chanting of ‘Swara’ is kept at high pitch which gives it kinda funky appearance making it more suitable for Hip Hop Dance. Finally at the end the ‘Swara’ come to lower pitch where any Indian can easily tell that it is taken from Indian Classical Music (Actually feeling proud of Indian Classical Music).

I am pretty sure, if you have developed even a very little taste in Hip Hop music, you are gonna love this song. One of the best in your track list. Here is the link to the song. Please do share your thoughts about this song if you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this song. Your additional comments are welcome. 😀